The waves of love are such

as you could find in the confines of the written word

They appear upon me like a river coursing through

First edges of a mountain lake

the water seeming to know math

Gravity in motion slipping furtive, innocent

like the first held hand in young love

They fought like something had come loose in the Evercore

that part of the self that is flexing, strong

unyielding in itself, truth self-evident and no longer

able be brushed aside with a half-lie or eye-laugh

standing effervescent in a dress of goldenseal

wanting recognition for expression itself

It’s Sunday, June 7th, the 78th day of Corona Quarantine here in Los Angeles, and I just got off a call from my Dad telling me his best friend has died in a hospital in western Colorado. My Dad, he’s shook up, and he wants to drive to Colorado from Michigan to be with the his grieving family friends. He mentions there may be a funeral in Ouray on Saturday, June 13th.

Celebrating negative COVID results with my Dad.

Like Jodie Foster in Contact, I get to work building a technical framework for building Trust and Safety into the potential upcoming interactions with family and loved friends…

As I reflect back on the decisions I’ve made around my career, and the amazing opportunities and privileges afforded me by this universe, I am certain that now is the time to drop in and surf the wave in front of me to the next crest of value I can offer this world.

Today I am launching my new business, Coherent Capital. The purpose and mission are clear — to help innovative companies click into the flow of their highest potentiation alongside a trusted fundraising partner.

Impacting the Future of Health

Within health and wellness, and, more broadly, the conscious design of technology for the…

Yesterday our eCommerce site, Innerstate Shop, tracked down the origin of a series of suspicious orders dating back to May 13th. It appears criminals are using stolen credit card information and Shopify fraud checks did not catch any issues.

Shopify shipping fraud, May 2020. eCommerce theft updates.
Shopify shipping fraud, May 2020. eCommerce theft updates.

Key details:

  • Shopify fraud checks did not catch any issues with the orders. This was a sophisticated bypassing of the 12+ fraud checks Shopify runs with every order.
  • Orders used real card info, real billing information, and real names. The shipping address and email addresses were fake.
  • Orders came from direct traffic to the site (they were targeting our store URL…

But for the loose tongue
Looking for a space to fill
There would be no word like Life

Life did not give us yesterday
Nor does it share with us tomorrow
Life isn’t won or widowed
Not draped in loss or sorrow

Life owes nothing to no thing
Takes no space or shrine
Needs no forced tangental handcuff by myopic phrase divined

Nowhere is an essence fully captured by one word

That is not Just Life

Life would wear no such dress
Life would ne’er be a noun
Would neverb
Couldn’t adjective
Nor be objective

Erase this lazy word from…

One of the most seductive lovers you can fall into depths with is The Story of who they are to you.

When you catch sniff of that lingering trace of Back Then, an easy, beautiful script unwinds and plays itself out, from the back of the stage to the front.

It is a lie if told as you see it.

As a story, your Father reads backwards.

Your first Father is the shelf upon which you set your purpose. He is the fine shining example of what the world is supposed to be. His manners are…

Wesley King

The Biohacking Banker. Investments in biohacking, healthtech, and future medicine.

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