Launching Coherent Capital — Future Focused Fundraising

As I reflect back on the decisions I’ve made around my career, and the amazing opportunities and privileges afforded me by this universe, I am certain that now is the time to drop in and surf the wave in front of me to the next crest of value I can offer this world.

Today I am launching my new business, Coherent Capital. The purpose and mission are clear — to help innovative companies click into the flow of their highest potentiation alongside a trusted fundraising partner.

Impacting the Future of Health

Some examples of this are the same areas in which I place heightened focus:

Biological optimization — Far short of the sensationalistic obsessions of “living forever” and “becoming a cyborg” is a societal necessity for easy, timely, and actionable personalized insights into the human biology. Simple feedback loops have continually proven powerful, but until relatively recently it has been difficult to collect and understand bio-feedback outside of the lab.

In the last 30 years, the brain has been able to self-organize into better coherence, higher creative states, and more efficiency upon hearing itself for the first time. NeuroTech has the opportunity to help individuals create desired brain-states and built-in resilience buffers.

In the last 20 years, the powerful waves of the heart have been proven to be carriers of vital information within an electromagnetic field. Believe it or not, the heart even has its own brain (neuronal network).

In the last 10 years, neuroscientists have committed to creating a topology of the connectome (the network of the brain).

In the first months of 2020, companies have come out of stealth mode to announce they are undertaking the mighty task of mapping the immune system. Just like the advent of full-genome mapping changed ideas of what could be done with genetics, immunology will be changed and transmuted, becoming a critical component in holistic bio-system insights when any effects - from nutrition to meditation - are studied.

While these broad trends are interesting, entrepreneurs in health and wellness continue to see gaps in the solutions provided to ever-demanding consumers.

Whether a founder’s ideas are spurred from their own relationship to their cognition, spirituality, passion, persuasion, or health, the simple fact remains that WE HAVE NOT YET ACHIEVED HEALTH FOR ALL HUMANS. This underlying factor animates an entire generation of problem solvers.

We still struggle with mis-information and under-education; a sad reality. This is not to necessarily point blame at anyone, it is simply to acknowledge that with the dedication of a few decades of focus, we can completely change the landscape of human health and flourishing.

What is Coherent Capital?

Coherence is a nod to flow, resonance, coherent waves, quantum theory, and ripple effects. We are not chemists, accredited scientists, or physicists. We are, however, relentlessly supportive and incredibly passionate about helping others succeed.


We are people people - there is no doubt about it - but we are also data scientists that have digitized our relationships and applied machine learning to strategically grow our network and align to market trends. What this means for the clients we work with is a systematic reach into the world of smart capital to find resonant investors that believe in your vision so much they are willing to put their smart capital to work.

We maintain reach into investor networks from pre-seed to pension funds. We view capital raising as a process and a project that can build irrevocable resilience into a company, but it is never easy. This is our job. To help you take the best parts of what you currently offer, combine them with the highest potential of your long-term vision, and create a path tying the present to the future. That path is the story, and that story is what you are selling investors.

We are looking for clients that want to work together for 3 to 5 years. We will end up being a part of your company, and, upon later reflection, a pivotal relationship that unlocked a better outcome for you.

Founders must have vision, and I’m thankful you took the time to read through mine. I look forward to working with you to make this world a better place to be.

With the dedication of a few decades of focus, we can completely change the landscape of human health and flourishing.

To the future,

Wesley King — The Biohacking Banker (

The Biohacking Banker. Investments in biohacking, healthtech, and future medicine.

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